Feb 5, 2019

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Kingdom Hearts Wedding

In honor of the most recent release of Kingdom Hearts III across multiple platforms, I thought I would share some pics from one of my very nice Kingdom Hearts themed weddings from last year. It was held at COSI and one of the aspects I loved about it was that: the whole experience, from the ceremony itself to the POP! figure centerpiece accessories at the reception, was 100% a celebration of them. It was also super classy, which is not something a lot of people associate with themed weddings, but I am blessed to see it all the time. Cosplay is not required to have a themed wedding. The Kingdom Hearts touches were subtle, but pervasive: a Paupu fruit sharing unity ceremony, Destiny Isles named signature cocktails, a few key-blade nods here and there. It was simply gorgeous and I counted myself lucky to have been able to lead the ceremony.
A beautiful use of the letter to Sora. I used it in the ceremony too.