Do you perform gay weddings?

             Absolutely. I’ve been preforming LGBTQ weddings since before they were legal. I even had the honor of performing the first ever gay wedding at the Statehouse (May 13th, 2017) I am well versed with the nuances which accompany a same sex wedding or gender non-binary wedding. But like with everything else I do, I am happy to celebrate love in all of its forms.

How did you get started?

                My adventure in officiating actually started at my own wedding. My wife and I were on the hunt to something a little different with our ceremony, but we were unable to find someone who would perform what we wanted. Everyone we talked to said something to the effect of “That’s not what a wedding is supposed to be.”I balked at that idea, so I wrote my own wedding and had a friend perform it.We had so much fun that night that, as my friends started getting married, they began asking me to write and perform their ceremonies. Since then it has become a passion as much as it has a career.

Do you stay for the reception?

                The quick answer is: not usually. I’ll stick around for part of cocktail hour to take care of the paperwork and maybe eat a cheese cube or two, but I typically make a quiet exit before the introductions. Weddings are expensive enough and I don’t like burdening my couples by asking them to feed me. If it is the case that a couple really wants me to stay, I will attempt to make that happen. Sometimes I’ve got other weddings to get to and sometimes I’ve got dad-duties at home, but I’ll do what I can to hang out for a bit.

Do you stay for the rehearsal dinner?

                Like with wedding receptions, the answer is generally no. However, there are 2 schools of thought here. My perspective has always been that rehearsal dinners are a family affair; a chance for the two families to spend some time together and get to know each other in a new intimate way before the wedding. So out of respect, I opt not to attend as I would not want to invade. The other school of thought, which I was introduced to in 2018, is that I am performing an important or intimate service and it may be the case that members of the family want to get to know me a little bit before I do that. If your family happens to be of the 2nd variety, I will once again do what I can to attend.

Will you wear a costume or cosplay?

                Yes, yes, and thrice times a yes. Did I mention I love celebrating people in all of the ways that bring them joy? This just adds to the fun. My closet is large and I have a number of costume/outfits to choose from, but I’m up for most challenges. However, if I don’t own it and it is the case that you can’t provide it, then the cost would fall on you. I have a number of sources from which to obtain new costumes, so I can help hunt it down if you need.

Will you perform a ceremony at a correctional facility?

                Yes, but know that I charge $50.00 extra for the background check required to enter and perform at any given correctional institution. Know also that most of these facilities are a fair distance from my home, so a travel fee would be incurred as well.

Are you Religious?

                Strictly speaking, I am not religious, but I am a scholar of religions across the world. Human belief systems have always fascinated me. I recognize some spiritual philosophies within myself, but I am a pretty staunch atheist. However I never let my own beliefs (or lack thereof) interfere with the needs of my couples.

Have additional questions?

I’m always here for inquiring couples. Send me a message using my contact form and I’ll get back with you as soon as possible.