My name is Robert Kannal Jr, and I am the Uncommon Officiant. I serve brides and grooms in and around Ohio, catering to all kinds of fun and unique ceremonies. I would absolutely love to help you create the most incredible wedding experience!

I am a state certified, non-denominational officiant, and I specialize in writing and performing unique wedding ceremonies. I work with all types of people, from all walks of life, and from all backgrounds. At my core, I am a storyteller and I love celebrating people in any and all of the ways that make them happy. While I am Columbus’ premiere non-religious officiant, I am happy to celebrate a couple in whatever way they want. I hand write and custom tailor each wedding to the couple getting married and in the last 11 years of my officiating career, I have never performed the same ceremony twice. The tone of my ceremonies tends towards fun, friendly, and laid back, but I can also be strictly formal if the occasion calls for it. I am not a stand-up comedian, but I do blend a little humor alongside the sentimental moments of a wedding ceremony, so that the experience isn’t stuffy or boring. Your ceremony is the first encounter all of your guests have with your wedding as a whole and I have always taken pride in creating an experience for everyone to get the night started off right.

This is a moniker I adopted simply to let people know that I do things little bit differently. Rather than spend time waxing philosophical on the nature of love and marriage, I spend time during the ceremony to celebrate the couple who is getting married. It’s your day and it should be about you two. While I love doing themed weddings, they only represent about 10% of the ceremonies I perform every year. The rest are just happy couples seeking to make sure their wedding ceremony is about them. My ultimate goal is to sound like a good friend of yours, even though we’ve only just met. I perform weddings anywhere you want to get married and in any way you see fit; thus placing me a little bit off the beaten path.

Robert was absolutely amazing! We couldn’t have asked for a better officiant for our wedding. He took the time to really get to know us; specifically our story. His attention to detail and his desire to really know us was evident in the ceremony. When I received the draft of the ceremony, I was absolutely floored because it captured us so well. Robert is extremely personable, professional, and is truly a master of his craft. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Robert- he is truly the best!

           Married 12/16/2017

Robert is AMAZING! Everyone who present for the ceremony asked if he was our friend because he just captured our relationship so well. My guests overwhelmingly said how it was the best ceremony they have ever seen and truly loved it. He is great at what he does and I cannot recommend him enough for your wedding, you will not be disappointed with him officiating your marriage ceremony.


            Married 09/29/2018

Robert was AMAZING at my wedding! His storytelling of my husband and my life getting to this moment was very well done. It was as if he was a family friend of ours for years. My family and friends loved everything that Robert did, from the storytelling (hilarious), to the hand fasting (which was fantastic by the way), and through the end was all amazing. I hope that brides and grooms are able to enjoy the wedding service that Robert has done for us. We are truly thankful for the time he spent with us.

           Married 10/27/2017

Robert was amazing. everyone who attended said the ceremony was so memorable and perfectly us on our special day. Would highly recommend to people who are looking for something untraditionally traditional.

           Married 03/18/2017

Awesome officiant!! Loved that he was willing to have the ceremony go however we wanted!! So easy to work with it! Thanks again!

            Married 10/24/2014

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