My Five-Step Process

Step One:

So if you are interested in having me officiate your wedding or, if you are interested in meeting me first to see if I am a good fit, then start by contacting me via email or telephone. I am text friendly, so feel free to start there if that is more comfortable for you. I can’t always guarantee I can answer my phone because life is full of surprises, but I will certainly do my best to get back to you quickly.

Step Two:

We will agree on a good time and place to meet for a free in-person consultation where we can discuss the details of what you want to happen or brainstorm a few if you have no idea. I certainly understand that this is probably your first time getting married and I am happy to lend the knowledge I’ve gained to help you build a ceremony perfect for you. It’s also a chance to get to know one another, so I ask a lot of questions about your history and experience together. That helps me build a ceremony about you two and offers you a chance to compare me with your needs and expectations.

Step Three:

Should you want to officially contract me, I require a deposit of 50% up front to guarantee your date, time and a written draft. I will mark off my calendar for you and begin writing up and sketching out some ideas for your ceremony. You can have as much or as little input on the proceedings as you like. Some couples don’t want to worry about it because they have so much else to get situated for the wedding and some already have a list of great ideas they would like to incorporate. I am happy to work with both types of couples.

Step Four:

I’ll keep in regular contact with you and have a full wedding ceremony draft ready for you between 2 and 4 weeks out from your wedding day. Be aware that because I am writing your ceremony from scratch, it takes a little bit longer; creativity isn’t something I can measure with exactness. But once the ceremony is written,you get a chance to edit it and make suggestions or requests in order to make the ceremony exactly what you want it to be. This is also when the other half of my fee is due.

Step Five:

Then we can practice everything at a rehearsal or not. It’s up to you. I prep my end either way, but getting everyone’s timing and placement can provide a lot of comfort and ease to the wedding day. And finally, the big day happens! I’ll perform the ceremony for your friends and family, take care of all your paperwork, and wish you two a happy life together. I’ll mail your wedding license in and you can start the process of changing names or joining health insurance plans right there after. 🙂

Work With Me.