Apr 15, 2019

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My Favorite DJs

So I thought a fun thing to do would be to talk about some of the other vendors in the Columbus wedding industry that I LOVE to work with. I don’t interact with all other aspects of a wedding, (like I can’t say a lot about where to buy a dress for instance) but I do get to know a lot of venues, planners, DJs, musicians, and, to a lesser degree, cake makers and caterers. So from time to time I am going to feature one of them here on my blog for anyone interested in reading an insider’s review.

So my first post is going to be for my absolute favorite group of DJ’s. A Quick word on the importance of a DJ before I talk about them though. If you are interested in really creating a fun and party-like atmosphere, please don’t have cousin Billy, with his iphone and Sam’s Club Bluetooth speaker, DJ your wedding. I have never once seen an audience member, well-meaning and cost effective though they may be, really succeed at the job. They miss cues, or don’t know exactly what they are doing, or don’t know how work the equipment. They create everything from awkward silences to complete train wrecks. So if it is possible to afford one, please hire a professional DJ.

Now when it comes to professional DJs, the company to go to is Buckeye Entertainment. I have been working with their DJs ever since my first year as a professional officiant and they are second to no one as far as price, quality, and skill goes. All of their DJs go through a rigorous training period where they assist at least 30 weddings before joining the full time crew. I’ve worked with most of their DJs (and even grew up with one) and they all have amazing personalities as well as the knowledge of how to work a room. It is a pleasure work with them every time and when I see their vehicle in the parking lot, I know everything is going to run smooth. Check them out if you are in the market: https://www.buckeyeentertainment.com/about-us/