Mar 19, 2019

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A Culinary Wedding Experience

About 3 years ago I had the chance to officiate, as well as participate in, the wedding  and reception of Cassie Dyson and Alex Collier. It was one of the most interesting wedding approaches I’ve had the joy of experiencing in the 9ish years I have been doing this. They met in Japan and geeked out over Mech / Gundum robots while they were there, so the two of them built Voltron from the individual lion ships as their unity ceremony. The wedding and reception were held at a place called The Kitchen down in the brewery district and the unique thing about that place is they have everyone be a part of making the meal. Food and sauce prep was done in teams by all of the guests with an instructor of sorts from The Kitchen to show us what to do. I was on the chicken chopping team and oh, did we chop some chicken. Once done, the crew there cooked everything for us in the back and later served it to us. We made curry chicken and it was seriously one of the neatest receptions I’ve been to. The food was super yummy, but the set up had us all interacting with new people and really being engaged with participating in the experience. I loved it.

Now I have slightly mixed feelings about the couple themselves as they skipped off to Britain without paying me, but that stands as the lesson from which I was forced to create stricter payment requirements. So now it is an odd dichotomy of feelings, but the wedding itself was still great.