Dec 20, 2018

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A Sweet Occasion

Lauren and Mary-Katherine  (Kat) were an incredibly sweet couple. They contacted me only 6 days before their wedding was going to take place, but they decided their original plans were not quite right for them and they sought me out to make sure their day was a celebration about them. Despite the time crunch, I met with them and had a full wedding draft ready to go within 3 days. Their archway was covered in fresh flowers and with both of them being enthusiastic interior decorators, the décor was exquisite. They met working as waitresses at Old Bag of Nails and just kinda fell in love in the most adorably organic way. We did a beautiful family blending to start the ceremony, I had a chance to share some of their best stories, and they performed a unity candle ceremony that was held in sand which they collected together from the Virgin Islands on the same trip where Kat proposed to Lauren underwater. To add to the sweetness, their reception featured a cookie buffet. Now when it comes to sweets, some people like cake or candy or pie, but I – I am a cookie guy. So this was an event to remember for so many reasons.