Dec 18, 2018

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A New Day

With the new website comes an awesome opportunity to showcase some of my work in this blog and I am super excited about that. I’ve never been Facebook or social media savvy because that just isn’t part of my life. To a degree, this blog is the same kind of thing, but this feels more like journaling, which better tickles my fancy.

So with the winter months coming, the wedding season has officially ended. A few weddings will happen, but for the most part people get married between April and November. So with that quiet period I plan to revisit some of my favorite weddings from 2018. I don’t generally get to take a lot of pictures at weddings, especially of myself in action because, well, I’M BUSY, but I’ll try and showcase the event in my own way.

I’ve had so many wonderful weddings this year (and actually every year since I started officiating) and I am excited to share them with everyone. I am blessed to be able to work with some amazing, beautiful, creative, and fun couples and now I can totally show some of them off. So keep an eye out for more to come.