Jan 22, 2019

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A Little Spanish Flair

This past weekend I had the honor of performing a multicultural wedding for Melanie and Alejandro Hernandez. The whole thing took place at The Makoy Center in Olde Hilliard on the same night that the ice storm came in. The impending weather kept a number of their guests from attending, but we had a great ceremony none-the-less. The vows were entirely in Spanish and their Unity Lazo Ceremony was a delightful Latino twist to the occasion.

I’m not fluent in Spanish, but I studied it long enough through high school and college to be pretty good at it. I’ve only ever performed one ceremony in its entirety in Spanish, but I wrote that one myself and I was proud of the outcomes; as was the family of the groom. But I end up getting to perform some Spanish in a ceremony probably 3 or 4 times a year and I am super happy I have all those experiences to help me continue my proficiency with the language. But cheers to the happy couple!

Myself and the glowing bride and groom.